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Finding Balance

Our body’s natural functions maintain homeostasis to keep the physical self in equilibrium. Although the body is consistently balanced, we still struggle to feel that balance transcends into our lives because the mental and emotional self requires a different kind of maintenance. That maintenance is mindfulness. In yoga, we practice grounding down and rising up through standing postures. By doing so, the mind weeds out the necessary from the unnecessary and becomes more focused on priorities like what gets you up and what keeps you up. These moments of physical balance encourage the mind to seek balance in other ways. What gets you up in the morning? What keeps you up when life knocks you down? Samatva is the state of even-mindedness which allows us to find harmony within ourselves and the contexts of our environment. When samatva is reached, it is said that a person is then able to see passed birth and death, see the true equality of all beings, and treat success and failure alike. Samatva and physical balance are alike in the sense that we work for it, attain it, lose it, fall out of it, and start all over again and again. That’s the nature of each, and as frustrating as it may be, it is what allows us to appreciate it all the more when we do have... read more

The Natural Facelift

We all want to look our best and maintain an youthful and healthy glow. Even though aging is a natural process, stress, negative emotions, inappropriate diet, toxins, sun damage, and gravity age our skin even faster. Several things happen as we age. Skin loses its youth producing fat, collagen and elastin glands that once rejuvenated skin cells. Aging occurs when the circulation of blood and lymph to the skin decreases, depriving the skin and underlying muscles of essential nourishment. As a result the skin and muscles looses moister, firmness, elasticity, and tone. What if there was a safe, non surgical option that could take 5-15 years off of your face? Natural holistic methods for anti-aging are among the most effective and efficient, yet underutilized cosmetic options. Unlike Botox, fillers, and surgery Facial Acupuncture is a holistic, natural, gentle way to rejuvenate your skin and bring forward your youthful glow. It was once employed by ancient Chinese royalty to prolong youthfulness. Facial Acupuncture will enhance your health and radiance by restoring the circulation of blood and lymph to the skin, face, and muscle, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed. Your skin will improve in texture, softness, clarity, and firmness. Fine needles are placed at a variety of acupuncture points in the face, neck, and also the body to stimulate body’s natural energies called Qi. Positive micro-trauma produced by acupuncture needle stimulates the fibroblasts, and this action increase the production of collagen. Some of the facial benefits include: Reduction of under eyes bags and sagging tendencies Elimination of the lines and diminishing of large wrinkles Improvement of collagen production and muscle... read more

Sharing the Joy of Healing

One of my dear yoga students brought a special gift to the yoga studio this morning – she is one-year cancer free. She is a testament to the power we have to heal. She arrives at the studio three days a week before dawn. Always cheerful and happy, espousing her love of the early morning hours. She is tenacious in her practice having arrived here a couple of months ago as a beginner to the practice. Learning to go with the flow, accepting her practice exactly where it is right now and practicing the art of breathing, slowing down and finding ease and softness in even the most powerful of poses. And she is Cancer free. And she is celebrating the moment with a deserved pride and palpable happiness. Her joy is infectious. When we built It Takes A Village Wellness it was to come together as a community to recognize the power each and everyone of us has to heal – physically, emotionally and spiritually; to hold each other in our dis-ease and pain and then celebrate the steps of growth, change and transformation. We all experience those dark hours when we have felt physical illness, been diagnosed with a chronic disease, lost a love one, felt financial struggles, had a child in pain – the list is lengthy. And yet, together, we can watch each other move from the darkness into light. Sometimes a new and different light – but light none the less. So today we celebrate. We celebrate my student’s joy at being Cancer free. We celebrate our knowing that together as a community we... read more
The Meaning of Wellness

The Meaning of Wellness

We often take our health and wellness for granted, not considering how the small ways in which we may neglect our wellness can often add up over time resulting in disease or serious ailments. Consider the following questions: 1) Do you take your wellness and health for granted until an injury, illness or serious chronic flares up? 2) Is your view of wellness black and white? Do you believe you are either well or well, sick or not sick? 3) Or do you react only when you become sick, experience pain or are diagnosed with something? 4) Do you consider and work on implementing daily preventive measures to mange your health and wellness over the long-term? 5) Do understand wellness as reflected only in your physical body or do you take a broader, more holistic perspective that might include mental health and emotional health? If you answered “yes” to questions one, two and three it is possible that you are taking a limited view of your health and wellness, focusing only physical symptoms and taking the “quick-fix” route to feeling better. The challenge with this approach is that wellness is not black and white. Disease and illness are the physical manifestations we experience but the underlying causes may be the result of less tangible factors we may not see or feel in the moment. The forth and fifth questions ask us to take a more holistic view of wellness. What we do each and everyday will impact us in the future. These questions lead to an exploration of wellness much deeper and more expansive then just the outward physical... read more
Anxiety & Acupuncture

Anxiety & Acupuncture

By Ashley Teague, MSOM, L. Ac OFFICE HOURS at ITAVW Friday Mornings Call us to set up a COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute Consultation Managing anxiety can be a difficult thing. Not only are the symptoms sometimes debilitating and life altering, but the common treatments for anxiety can take many months to take effect in the body. Many times these therapies include prescription medications that simply put a Band-Aid over the symptoms and do not reach the root cause of the problem. In addition, prescription medications often cause other unwanted side effects while covering up the problem. An alternative and often times very effective therapy to treat anxiety is acupuncture. Symptoms often lessen over the first few visits and can be maintained for a long period of time. Chinese herbal therapies are often used to support the acupuncture treatments at home to create a more lasting effect between treatments.  People who suffer from anxiety often have hypersensitive sympathetic nervous systems, or “fight or flight” responses. The sympathetic nervous response or the “fight or flight” response is a defense mechanism for the body. A long time ago, when humans were “hunters and gatherers,” they were confronted with dangers such as wild animals and humans needed this response to have the energy and instinct to remove themselves from danger. After the danger was removed, the body would deactivate this nervous response and be at ease again. In today’s day and age, we are not confronted with the same type of dangers – most of the time we are confronted with dangers that are more psychological in nature than physical. Many of these “dangers”... read more

About Us

Through yoga, meditation, nutritive coaching, acupuncture and functional/manual physical therapy we guide our clients toward better health and well being. ITAVW is the culmination of Diane’s journey to bring together all of her passions under one roof. She believes that the state of our health care system can often be overwhelming, confusing and out of sync with the needs and desires of individuals and families to maintain and create wellness for themselves and their families.