Our body’s natural functions maintain homeostasis to keep the physical self in equilibrium. Although the body is consistently balanced, we still struggle to feel that balance transcends into our lives because the mental and emotional self requires a different kind of maintenance. That maintenance is mindfulness.

In yoga, we practice grounding down and rising up through standing postures. By doing so, the mind weeds out the necessary from the unnecessary and becomes more focused on priorities like what gets you up and what keeps you up. These moments of physical balance encourage the mind to seek balance in other ways.

What gets you up in the morning?

What keeps you up when life knocks you down?

Samatva is the state of even-mindedness which allows us to find harmony within ourselves and the contexts of our environment. When samatva is reached, it is said that a person is then able to see passed birth and death, see the true equality of all beings, and treat success and failure alike.

Samatva and physical balance are alike in the sense that we work for it, attain it, lose it, fall out of it, and start all over again and again. That’s the nature of each, and as frustrating as it may be, it is what allows us to appreciate it all the more when we do have it.