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ITAVW Membership Program offers individuals and families access to high quality preventative and holistic healthcare services delivered with integrity, compassion and care. Through membership you will become a part of an active and supportive community working together to create a sustainable lifestyle of health and healing.

Membership includes discounts on our yoga programs, appointments with our team of healthcare practitioners and awesome savings with our affiliate partners. ITAVW Membership was built and created to empower our members to pursue the quality of life you deserve.

Each of us is unique and every BODY has different needs and challenges to be addressed. Membership allows individuals and families to more affordably work with our entire team of holistic healthcare practitioners. Our team is uniquely dedicated to working together and creating personalized programs that best fit you and your families needs. Direct and affordable access to a variety of practitioners and complementary holistic modalities provides our members with the potential to achieve their highest vitality and wellness.

(Available as an auto-withdrawal only. 1-year commitment)

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