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Holistic Healthcare addresses all aspects of the individual.  The environmental, mental, physical and energetic levels all affect our wellness and ability to heal.  When one area is out of sync the entire system is thrown into dis-ease. When each of these areas is considered and brought into balance true and sustainable healing can occur. At ITAVW, our cooperative of practitioners work together as a team helping you to achieve wellness at all levels.

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Mark Marino

Certified Functional Manual Therapist
Marino Physical Therapy

Mark is a physical therapist, a nationally recognized instructor, a speak and an inventor. He specialized in manual orthopedic therapy restoring people’s function by focusing on them holistically, as an integrated system; not as individual pains.

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Bonnie Be

Certified Holistic Health Coach

 Empowering women to break free from mindless habits & dieting circles, Bonnie supports clients in identifying their triggers around food while getting to the core of their cravings. Using mindfulness practices, easy-to-implement strategies and self compassion to heal our relationship with food, she believes this can help us transform all areas of our lives.

Complimentary Consult: Call 631-413-2802

Marina Michlickova

Licensed Acupuncturist
Abhaya Acupuncture

With classical needling principles, and her skillful use of cups and mugwort, she brings relief and balance back to the body.  Martina creates individualized treatment plans and works to integrate the emotions and the body’s physiology to become more harmonious, helping her clients to cultivate a whole-body healthy system.

Call for questions or to set an appointment: 516.236.6098

Diane L MacDonald

Diane L MacDonald

Therapeutic Yoga & Director of Yoga Education


I love helping individuals become more in tune with their bodies through the practice of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. The more we can learn to listen to and understand our bodies the greater our ability to heal, to find ease and relaxation and to discover new found energy to enjoy our lives more fully.

Private therapeutic yoga sessions may help students:

  • Relieve chronic stress and high anxiety
  • Learn correct breathing mechanics to support improvements in asthma, COPD and other respiratory challenges
  • Reduce and improve chronic pain in back, shoulders, neck and knees
  • Discover more flexibility for greater ease of mobility
  • Support healing of disease and illnesses

Our sessions together are individualized to your unique needs.  Additionally I record our work together as an audio series so that you can do the yoga and breathing techniques at home.

When Mark, Martina, Bonnie and I are able to work as a team we are able to create packages to support your whole health and wellness.

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