Sunrise Morning Vinyasa Flow: Heat, Balance, Strength
For the student with some knowledge and experience.  This is a flow practice and students must have the ability to move easily from the floor to standing
Tuesday 6 am, Wednesday & Friday 6:30 am

Gentle Vinyasa Flow
For a student looking to learn the foundation of the practice and to build more strength and flexibility. Open to Beginners.
Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 am

Gentle Healing Yoga: Stretch, Breathe, Balance and Heal
A therapeutic practice, lots of stretching, basics of flow taught with ease and gentleness, foundations of dynamic breathing & balancing. Open to Beginners.
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 pm

Recharge and Reset: Flow Practice Foundations
An energizing and yet relaxing practice that focuses on the foundations of the Vinyasa Flow practice. Deepen your practice. Open to Beginners with the ability to move easily from the floor to standing.
Friday/Sunday 9:30 am

Revitalize and Restore: Gentle Stretching, Yin and Restorative
A gentle yet deeply therapeutic and healing practice. Each week there is a particular focus such as hip opening, heart opening or balance. Open to Beginners.
Saturday 9:30 am

Foundations for Healing: A Beginning Healing and Therapeutic Practice at Mather Hospital
For those with chronic pain, late-life beginners, high anxiety & stress – a very gentle and healing practice.

Monday 6:30 pm, Friday 4:30 pm

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