Only 6 mats per class
Individualized attention for EVERY student
Focus on functional movement and alignment for YOUR BODY to prevent injury
We have mats, belts, blocks, bolsters and blankets for everyone’s use
Breath Work, Meditation and Aromatherapy every class

Morning Sunrise Vinyasa Flow (Heat, Balance, Strength)
For the student with some knowledge and experience.  This is a flow practice and students must have the ability to move easily from the floor to standing.  In this class we work on correct alignment and movement for your flow practice, building heat and strength, as well as working on a balancing practice.
Monday 6:15 am (Tim), Wednesday 6:30 am (Diane), Friday 6:30 am (Katie) 

Flow Foundations: Building a strong foundation of alignment, awareness and balance for your practice 
An energizing and yet relaxing practice that focuses on the foundations of the Vinyasa Flow practice. Deepen your practice. Open to Beginners with the ability to move easily from the floor to standing.
Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 am (Diane)

Monday 9:30 am (Tim)  Friday 9:30 am (Katie) 

Gentle Healing Yoga (Stretch, Breathe, Balance, Heal)
A therapeutic practice, lots of stretching, basics of flow taught with ease and gentleness, foundations of dynamic breathing & balancing. Open to Beginners.
Tuesday 6:00 pm (Angela) and Thursday 6:00 pm (Diane)

Revitalize and Restore: Gentle Stretching, Yin and Restorative 
A gentle yet deeply therapeutic and healing practice. Each week there is a particular focus such as hip opening, heart opening or balance. Postures are held for longer periods of time to increase opening and healing and there is an emphasis on functional movement. Open to Beginners.
Saturday 9:30 am (Diane)  Sunday 9:30 am (Katie)  Sunday 4:30 pm (Kristen, this is a 1 hour class)

Yoga and Sound Meditation (Gentle Movement with meditation and sound healing)
In this rejuvenating class, you begin by opening up the body with slow, conscious movements. Once the body is open and ready to receive the sound, we bring in the cleansing, meditative tones of Tibetan singing bowls. As you listen to the sound and feel the vibrations of the bowls wash over you, you reach a deep level of restoration in your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Saturday 4:30 pm (Tim)