Diane L MacDonald

Diane L MacDonald

M Ed, E-RYT 200, RYS, RCYT, Yoga Teacher, Classes and Private Sessions with a focus on Stress, Anxiety, Respiratory Disease & Chronic Pain

“My passion is to help clients heal body and mind; and to support the integration of experiences on the yoga mat to the journey of daily life.”

I began my yoga practice while living in the suburbs of Boston, raising my  daughter, home schooling her and running an after school program I discovered early in my practice the power of yoga to heal. I received my certification as a Yoga Kids Instructor and Trainer and developed a program called Sensory YogaPlay – a sequence of yoga postures, breathing techniques and movement to support children with special needs – particularly those on the autism spectrum. 

The Bikram practice became a big part of my life when I moved to NYC.  I lost 30/35 pounds, realized I could maintain my youthful energy and vibrancy, eliminated the creeping up of arthritis in my hands and knees, and found a peace of mind and connection to myself I had never before experienced. My passion for the practice of yoga as a tool for healing, and for living one’s best life, lead me to pursue additional certification as a RYT 200 yoga teacher.

Today I desire to bring to all of my students a combination of all that I have found valuable in my own practice: the mind/body/spirit connection; the focus on breath and the power of breath to calm, center and heal; the building of both strength and flexibility allowing us to maintain joint mobility and fluid motion in our bodies as we age; and the integration of meditation practices and chanting leading us to a discovery of ourselves beyond the chatter of our mind.

My broad range of education, skill and expertise allows me to bring the practice and benefits of yoga to all age groups including children, teens, adults and seniors.

Katie Brush

Katie Brush

Yoga Educator, Classes and Private Sessions including Special Needs Youth

Katie has a bachelor’s degree in English, is a freelance writer, marketer, and a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. In her teaching, she focuses on educating students on building strength in a therapeutic way, allowing everyone to find their individual preferences and needs both safely and comfortably. Katie teaches classes at ITAVW, offers private sessions, and welcomes beginners and advanced practitioners equally. Her passion and specialty is in working with special needs students. With warmth and encouragement, she is dedicated to making classes accessible to every body. Her life has always been fueled by a passion for helping others and the belief that strength comes in many forms–it can be equally as mental as it is physical. Through her knowledge and experience, she assists students in discovering their inner power.
Yoga has been an intrinsic component of Katie’s life for the past six years. Her practice began during college as an attempt to find relief from anxiety which made everyday activities feel impossible. When anxiety proceeded to threaten her education, social life, and physical health, she stepped into a yoga class. It wasn’t her first, but it was the first one that made sense for her body and mind; it was the first to begin her love for the practice. The peace of mind that began developing in that short hour, taught her how good yoga can make her feel. It has helped her heal passed bouts of syncope and seizures, improve her focus, relax her, strengthen her, and most importantly, increase her happiness. She has learned so much through her practice and teaching, finding strength, empathy, courage, and freedom, and with all of that, the desire to share it with others.
Katie also brings her special blend of love and compassion to her work with special needs youth offering private and semi-private sessions. 
LEARN MORE: http://ittakesavillagewellness.com/yoga-for-special-needs/

Angela Ruggreio

Yoga Teacher, Classes for Adults and Youth

Angela Ruggiero is a certified Recreational Therapist who specializes in working with individuals with mental illness.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Saint Joseph’s College in Recreational Therapy, and a minor in Psychology.  She is certified in Sensory Yoga Play and Yoga Builds. 

I am passionate about helping others.  I volunteer regularly at my church.  I am on the prayer team, as well as a small group leader for college-aged girls.  I love to mentor teens & young adults.  I enjoy being outdoors and soaking in the sunshine!

I found yoga a few years ago as a newly-wed.  I was desperately trying to make space for myself as a wife, and wanted a new, self-focused adventure.  I quickly realized that being on my yoga mat was accomplishing so much more than I expected.  It became a place of strength, stability, balance, relaxation, a place to clear my mind and increase creativity.  It was a place that I could not only be myself, but to re-discover myself; a place of growth.  I always left my yoga practice feeling refreshed, and restored.  It brought me to a place of not only physical wellness, but one of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness that I didn’t know I needed.   

While attending a work training, I met Diane and realized I could bring the same benefits yoga had in my life to others.  I believe that yoga is a powerful pathway to healing, self-awareness and growth.  I have a passion for working with those who struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as those who are looking to boost self-confidence and self-awareness.  I provide a safe and calming space within my yoga classes.  I am a great encourager, and I enjoy working closely with my students.  My classes will leave you feeling empowered, grounded and relaxed.