One of my dear yoga students brought a special gift to the yoga studio this morning – she is one-year cancer free. She is a testament to the power we have to heal.
She arrives at the studio three days a week before dawn. Always cheerful and happy, espousing her love of the early morning hours. She is tenacious in her practice having arrived here a couple of months ago as a beginner to the practice. Learning to go with the flow, accepting her practice exactly where it is right now and practicing the art of breathing, slowing down and finding ease and softness in even the most powerful of poses.

And she is Cancer free. And she is celebrating the moment with a deserved pride and palpable happiness. Her joy is infectious.

When we built It Takes A Village Wellness it was to come together as a community to recognize the power each and everyone of us has to heal – physically, emotionally and spiritually; to hold each other in our dis-ease and pain and then celebrate the steps of growth, change and transformation.

We all experience those dark hours when we have felt physical illness, been diagnosed with a chronic disease, lost a love one, felt financial struggles, had a child in pain – the list is lengthy. And yet, together, we can watch each other move from the darkness into light. Sometimes a new and different light – but light none the less.

So today we celebrate. We celebrate my student’s joy at being Cancer free. We celebrate our knowing that together as a community we can heal, grow and move thru this journey together. We celebrate each other, our families and our beautiful growing thriving community at It Takes A Village Wellness in our lovely village of Port Jeff and the surrounding area of the North Shore.

Thank you my friend for allowing me to share your story.

There is gratitude, warmth and joy in the air today despite the cold and the rain.

Namaste and Blessings for your Great Health!

Diane –