We teach differently than other studios–we focus on therapeutic yoga. From a therapeutic standpoint, we teach our students the alignment and practice that will build strength in their bodies like no other studio can. The motto, “Gentle is the new strong” could summarize our thoughts on the results. 

Some of the results are awe-inspiring. The stories have warmed our hearts beyond belief. Students who used to have debilitating chronic pain have found relief. A student who struggled to breathe and speak without needing to stop mid-sentence can now do so with ease. The fear of falling and not being able to get up, leave a student’s list of concerns after a few weeks of private lessons. A child with special needs, is able to relax in a room with other people and make eye contact. These results can’t be labeled, priced, or compared. These are achievements that we couldn’t be more proud to have facilitated with our gentle, therapeutic approach.

Contrary to popular belief, there is strength in being soft. Power does not come by pulling and pushing things into place, in fact, it comes by humbly giving and taking. In all aspects of life, whether they be business affairs, relationships, money, or experiences, true strength is not developed through force, but through the heart.

Trusting in the power of letting things flow naturally through your passion, takes more strength and courage than forcing a square peg into a round hole. There are a thousand ways for what’s meant to be to be. However, the harder you push for perfection, the more you exhaust your resources.

Good things will come and good things will go, this is the balance of life, but they can do so easily and at no cost to your energy. Force your power and you will find yourself depleted. Give yourself permission to be soft and open, move as easily as you breathe, and find the courage to allow the ebb and flow to move as it should–gently. As scary as it may seem, moving against the status quo of being the strongest and hardest, is more powerful than moving with it.